Tuesday, February 9, 2010


yo! HIHI
me masih tepikir-pikir excely ape weols' and me'ols want in this life eyh?

we have love, wat for?
we have frend, wat for?
we have money,wat for?
we have profession, wat for?
we have education,wat for?

in beside that we sometime doesnt want to care...

we didn't have adab,why forget?
we didn't have money, why we really care?
we didn't have love from someone why we damn care?
its all useless man..if..we just really care about outer thing..
we really doesnt want to care about the inner thing that have super value in there..

think...and keep thinking..why all this hapen to us? why? me as again why?
all is come from us..nobody can think it 4 us..only us..just U your self..

I imagine my life is like a super gorgeous rainbow that come after rain,
i might can see all the colour..sometime i cannot see all the colour..
it because sometime i loose my concerntration..
i need to focus to see all the colour
so,i put it into my life..n i ask uol's to put it also in uols' life..
because sometime..we forget if we see miracle in front of our eye..
we start to throw something jerk that actually is good for us....
to choose the colour is depend on us..
to throw the colour it also depend on us..
to pick only one colour also we choose..
so..choose all colour in order to experience much in life..
but.....never choose wrong colour!!
because you your self will face it!
watch out man...

life is like a rainbow after rain..

++ kutip seberapa banyak pengalaman untuk menjadi insan++

nota bekaki: pengalaman itu beharga bila kita tahu menilai and merasainya,kerana pengalaman yang   benar-benar di value itu sahaja yang akan membentuk "insan kerdil menjadi raja"